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Lan Ting Xu

March 3rd in the ninth year (year 353) of Yong He (an emperor of Jin dynasty), he and Xie an etc. about 40 people met at Shan Yin (Shao Xing) Lan Ting. This was a poem meeting (this is pretty like some academic conference today). All people would write a peom there and they would make a collection of poems. Wang Xizhi wrote the preface for the poems collection. It's named Lan Ting Xu. Lan Ting Xu is high valued by all calligraphers later. Tang Tai Zong (an emperor of Tang dynasty) love it very much. He ordered calligraphers copied it and give to his officers. As his will, the original Lan Ting Xu was buried with him. Since then, the only copies exists is the copies of Tang dynasty. Right now, even the good Tang dynasty copies are unavailable. 

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