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Chinese calligraphy history : Qing dynasty


In earlier Qing dynasty, Kang Xi (the second emperor of Qing dynasty) liked Dong Qichang's calligraphy. So many people study Dong Qichang's calligraphy. But as we know, Dong's calligraphy is not top level in history. So people could not become a great calligrapher even they write as good as Dong Qichang. Later, people changed to Zhang Mengfu. During the time of Yong Zheng and Qian Long (the third and fourth emperor of Qing), Wen Zi Yu is very serious. Wen Zi Yu is the law forbidding people writting any words politically. Many people died by writing some word which is not even political at all from Wen Zi Yu. So many educated people went to do archeological research to avoid been thrown into prison. As some tablets were discovered at that time, people came to study calligraphy on the tablets. That made the Chinese calligraphy works better in Qing dynasty than in Ming dynasty.

Famous Chinese calligraphers.

Wang Duo (1592--1652). Lived from the end of Ming to earlier Qing. 

Fu Shan (1607--1684). Famous thinker.

Zhang Zhao.

Zheng Qian (1693--1765). Zi: Ke Rou. Hao: Ban Qiao. Born in Xing Hua of Jiang Su province, he is one of the "8 weird in Yang Zhou".

Liu Yong (1719--1804). Zi: Chong Ru. Hao: Shi An. Born in Zhu Cheng of Shan Dong province, he one of the best calligraphers in Qing dynasty.

Liang Tongshu (1723--1815). Zi: Yuan Ying. Hao: Shan Zhou. His calligraphy is like horse of heaven running in the sky.

Weng Fanggang (1733--1818). Zi: Zheng San. Hao: Tang Xi. Born in Beijing, his calligraphy is strict and criticized a lot by calligraphers.

Deng Shiru (1743--1805).  Zi: Wan Bo. Hao: Yuan Bai Shan Ren. His is good at every script. Especially in Zhuan Shu, people think he is the only calligrapher in Zhuan Shu after Li Yangbing of Tang dynasty. Here is some of his Zhuan Shu calligraphy.

Yin Bingshou (1754--1815). Zi: Zu Si. Hao: Mo Qing. Good at Li Shu.

He Shaoji (1799--1873). Zi: Zi Zhen. Hao: Dong Zhgou.

Wu Changshuo. Good at Zhuan Shu. President of Xi Ling Yin She.

Zhao Zhi Qian.  Good at Wei Bei calligraphy.

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