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Calligraphy Scroll : Joy

The big characters means Joy. The small characters is part of a famous Tang dynasty poem of Li Bai, who is the greatest poet in Chinese history. It's exquisitively mounted into a scroll. It's decorated with silk and ready to hang.

It is original and done on Xuan Paper.

Size : 9.9"x9.9".  

Script : Cao Shu

Calligrapher: Lixin Wang

Price: Only $160 Quantity:

About the paper: Xuan paper is the traditional paper for Chinese calligraphy and painting. It's not rice paper as some people think it is. This paper is called Xuan paper because it's produced in Xuan City, An Hui province in China. There're some other place in China also produce this kind of paper but by the experience of calligraphers in more than 1000 years, it shows paper produced in Xuan City is the best. The reason is because the special kind of pine tree used in the process of production is best in Xuan City. The calligraphy can be kept thousands of years without changing the quality of the art. Today there're some calligraphy works from Tang dynasty, which is 1100 years ago, done on this kind of paper. The ink doesn't spread once it dries. Even if the art works falls into water, it does not hurt the calligraphy.
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