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Chinese calligraphy art--Art, lesson, services and tattoo design.

Chinese calligraphy collection -- High quality calligraphy art works.

 Tattoo design-- Chinese calligraphy tattoo design and pictures.

Chinese name calligraphy-- Discover how beautiful your name looks in Chinese calligraphy.

Custom Chinese calligraphy -- Customize the Chinese calligraphy works as you like. Select the size, script and content on the calligraphy work.

Gift ideas -- You will get great gifts to make someone happy.

Chinese calligraphy lessons -- Chinese calligraphy lessons for beginners. Free!

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Anyways, the site is has a little too much drawing the eye for me. I'd remove the 'a' symbol from the bottom of the page, and the green right-angle you have at the top-right. I also think the contact button shouldn't be isolated at the bottom of the page like that, but rather up on the main menu or even higher (after all, a charity will be seeking to gain alot of contact through the site - this is probably the most important part of the site, and should be considered as such in the design).

Before I give any other comments though ... is the main text of each page going to be crammed into the far-right section of tha page? Is there always goign to be such an overwhelming image to the left (the image with the green border around it), like on this page?

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I wasn¡¯t the author of this thread, nor would I have started it! I have been in many discussions regarding this topic and since both of the Softwares in question continue to upgrade AND the two are now under one roof I think it is a VALID TOPIC. Were not just talking about which one is better.

Me being new here is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that Ryan decided to be a part of the discussion.

There is a rule of thumb regarding the forum culture. If you see a thread that you are not interested in, just ignore it. If you have some information that might be helpful to the author then apply some content. That¡¯s why I was anxious to see if Ryan¡¯s comments had any value.

I don¡¯t mind rehashing subjects like this. Especially with young designers who are anxious to learn and have a actual discussion on a forum.

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Way to tell the veterans how to post on their own forums. There is also a reason that old threads still exist, why they have a search feature, and why after seeing these threads popup all the time, it really gets annoying. Both programs are ass.

Now almost everybody have a web. Some people just have a lot of websites. Some web sites provide articles to read. Some web sites are forums of special topics. Some sites are stores or shopping mall where you can buy whatever you like.

This is were am i heading with the type layout design. The middle is going to be a frame and the type doc. page will load into the window. Any type that breaks the edge of bottom frame will be scrollable.

This would be an example of the layout for the programs page.

I also modified the banners somewhat. Since the page has been created at 800 x 600 pix the whole thing will be visable at once. There for, i figure the contact in bold at bottom sticks out quite well and works with the design.

The type is there for layout purposes only. There are many grammer errors exist which are irrelevent at this time.

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