Chinese calligraphy appreciation

Chinese calligraphy is a necessity in China to decorate the rooms. Chinese calligraphy is a deep, serious art based on Chinese characters. It's the soul of Chinese culture. What kind of calligraphy is hung in a person's room is a reflection of the personality of the person. For example, if a person hang a mediocre calligraphy in a nice luxury frame, it just mean that person is somewhat not well educated, don't know how to appreciate calligraphy as an art. On the other hand, if a person have a real good piece of calligraphy with good literal content, than implies the person is well educated, knowledgeable and have a refined taste.

Everyone as an artist of calligraphy know actually more than 99% of Chinese don't really understand calligraphy as an art. It's almost impossible for person who doesn't speak Chinese to really understand the art. Chinese calligraphy appreciation is actually a science itself. Let's talk about some basic about how to appreciate calligraphy.

Three basic aspects of a piece have to be studied to appreciate it, these are stokes, structures, and organization.

The best way to learn how to appreciate Chinese calligraphy is to read the Master calligraphy pieces in Chinese history. There are a short appreciation by Lixin Wang for most of the pieces.